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Amazing benefits of Instapin

Business solutions to using Instapin

Make your work easier with Instapin

  • Share your details and portfolio – instantly
  • Setup more property visits by adding your Instapin to your sign, poster, flyer or a billboard and linking it to a contact form or have it trigger a phone call.
  • Dispense property information 24×7 by printing your Instapin on your yard signs and change the dynamic link to a new property when the property is sold or rented out
  • Share location to the property
  • List all available properties to a landing page, add an image gallery with links to the properties or share the Google Maps location with buyers.
  • Virtual Tour videos can take up a lot of space on your website. Create an Instapin to share a video tour or let them see aesthetically pleasing photos of the property.
  • Create an Instapin for your buyers or sellers to download your Mobile app
  • Collect feedback or reviews on the open house by creating a Feedback Instapin

Share your portfolio professionally and easily

  • Showcase your portfolio with potential clients
  • Setup individual client portfolios eg weddings, baby showers, engagements etc for them to view at their leisure
  • Create a Discount Instapin to entice first-time clients
  • Share your Image Gallery and update your portfolio as you go with no need to change or update your Instapin
  • Create a Digital Business cards with Instapin
  • Promote all the channels you own using the Social Media Instapin printed on marketing materials
  • Send a personalized card to your clients after every photography or videography job with a Feedback Instapin attached.
  • Accept deposits or payments via our Instapin Payment Gateways
  • Advertise your photography studio in magazines or newspapers to create brand awareness by adding a Business Page Instapin to your ad
  • Our Instapin’s have a tracking feature so you could use the information to decide if the ad placement is worth the investment or not.

A one-stop restaurant menu QR Code solution

  • Create custom, mobile-optimized landing pages linked to QR Codes
  • Link your review page to Instapin so that it is just a scan away
  • Solidify social media presence by driving traffic from offline touchpoints
  • Leverage Digital Business Cards for modern networking
  • Engage diners and walk-bys with attractive offers with an Instapin that points to a discount coupon code or feedback form.
  • Help your customers find you easily with a location Instapin

Leverage Instapin for a smart store experience

  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Online checkout
  • Get in touch with customer service
  • Join loyalty programs
  • Reveal offers and discounts
  • Increase social media visibility
  • Navigate to the retail store
  • Boost app downloads
  • Share contact information

Create Custom QR Codes / Links

Personlise you qr codes/links and decide its destination later.

Personalised Mobile Pages

Navigate users to a variety of different destinations and websites.

Track usage stats

Track trends, device types and locations of users

What is a QR CODE and Dynamic Link(InstaPin)

Dynamic Links and QR Codes

QR Code stands for Quick Response Code which is a two dimentional matrix bacode used to pass information to devices. These are known as machine readable optical images and allows technology to read information like opening a document on a computer.

Traditional QR Codes are not changeable and point to a specific website or provide static information.
InstaPin allows users to create QR Code to point to a piece of information that can change, unlike tradition QR code that are static (not changable).

Each InstaPin can have a short personalised link to go with it to make easy to read and understand to navigate users who prefer to type a web address.

Allow your users to navigate to personalised page made by you ( Destination Types ) make payments, events, profiles , business owners, for sale, artists and self employed individuals etc.

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